Knight Reunion

Silhouettes in the Shade

Gold Leaf

Too Silent To Be Real

Winter Missed

Take Off

Rock the Boat

Golden Hour

Field and Stream

Big Little Skies

Pause For Thought

Textured Treasure

Double Up

Lean In

Breezy Does It

Trunk Show

Slim Pickin’s

Cabin Fever

Snowfall on Cedars

Morning View

A Grand Entrance

Nature Sings

Tory Birch

Soft Opening

Time for Reflection

Thirsty Thicket

Cool Moves

Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas

Bog Binge

The Tartan Traveler


Power Point

The Influencers

Memories Stick

It’s All There in Black and White

Wilmot Wetlands


An Isolated Incident

Neutral Territory

It's a Shore Thing

Morning Walk

Shoreline Rhythms

Everybody Loves Elsinore

In Good Hands

Once In A Blue Moon

Sitting Pretty


Weekend Recollections

Elsinore Energy

Rosseau Romp

It Takes Two to Tangle (Diptych)

Next Door But One

Stand Sure

Marsh Mischief

Shoreline Bling

Summer Fare

Elsinore Encounter

Echoes of Elsinore

Autumn at Elsinore

Going the Distance

Winter Retreat

Winter Warm Up

Mystery Series

Sapphires and Lilacs

Five O'Clock Shadow

Cruisin' the Creek

Weekend Reflection

Mist Calls

Gold Acres

Country Heir

Red Rover

Surround Sound

Winning Gold

Rye and Oak

Outside Chance

Dancin' in the Moonlight

Take a Bough

Oh the Places You'll Go

Chantry Dot Calm


Elsinore does August

Fresh Greens

Summertime Blues

Over the Top

Ripples and Reeds

Rush Hour at Elsinore

Marsh Multiples (Triptych)

Elsinore with Attitude

Summer Marshes On (Diptych)

Through Thick and Thin

Vanishing Point (Triptych)

It's Not the Destination But the Journey

Making a Scene

Elsinore Evening

Marsh Magic

Early Spring Alder Creek

A Spring in Your Step