Within Reach

Just Add Water

Two by Four


Party Line

Pink Pearls

Peel and Stick 27

Peel and Stick 29

Peel and Stick 32

Flowers in February

Best Sellers

Happy Dance


Beausoleil Bouquet

This Hue's For You

Simple Pleasures

Purple Pieces

Over Easy

On Deck

Polished Silver

The Garden Scholar

30" x 30”
Acrylic mixed media on canvas

Pearl Cuffs on Satin Sleeves

Patio Season

It's Toile For You

Golden Anniversary

Peel and Stick 21

Peel and Stick 22

Peel and Stick 19

Peel and Stick 18

Peel and Stick 17

Peel and Stick 16

Peel and Stick 15

Rhythm and Reds

Spring Wind

A Gathering of the Clan

Texture, Taupe and Teal

This Blue Looks Good on You

The Answer My Friend

Breaking News

Golden Girls

Evening Glow

Take Your Pick

Grape Expectations

Reach for the Stars

Caramel Lace

The Turquoise Touch

In the Lime Light

Polka Dot Bikini

Ochre and Under

My Baby's Got Blue Eyes

Singing in the Rain

Golden Globes

Summer Celebration

Crystal Clear

The Catch of the Season

Over and Umber

Winter Warmth

Alone, Never Lonely