Knight Reunion


Gold Leaf

Too Silent To Be Real

Winter Missed

Take Off

Rock the Boat

Golden Hour

Party Line

Summer Scents

Field and Stream

Pink Pearls

Bright With a Side of Neutral

Big Little Skies

Pause For Thought

Textured Treasure

Peel and Stick 27

Flowers in February

It Takes A Village

Double Up

Best Sellers

Happy Dance


Cottage Bouquet

Easter Bouquet

Autumn Arrival

Beausoleil Bouquet

This Hue's For You

Patio Posies

Simple Pleasures

Purple Pieces

Lean In

Breezy Does It

Go With the Flow

Summer Whites

Over Easy

Trunk Show

On Deck

Blue Hue

Slim Pickin’s

Cabin Fever

Snowfall on Cedars

Morning View

Culture Vulture

A Grand Entrance

Polished Silver

The Garden Scholar

30" x 30”
Acrylic mixed media on canvas

Pearl Cuffs on Satin Sleeves

Summer Lace (Diptych)

Nature Sings

Tory Birch

Music To My Ears

On the Ledge

Soft Opening

Time for Reflection

Thirsty Thicket

Patio Season

Cool Moves

Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas

Bog Binge

The Tartan Traveler

Images & Edges


Power Point

The Influencers

Memories Stick

Leave it to Beaver


It’s All There in Black and White

It's Toile For You

Five down, Six Across

Shoreline Shift

Walking on Sunshine

Roll With It

Wilmot Wetlands

The Greys of Bruce II


Reflection Ricochet I

Fence Line

An Isolated Incident

Golden Anniversary

Mind How You Go

Reflection Ricochet II

The Greys of Bruce VIII

The Greys of Bruce IV

Looking Forward

A Full Bodied Red

Bits and Bytes

Peel and Stick 19

Peel and Stick 18

Peel and Stick 17

Peel and Stick 16

Neutral Territory

It's a Shore Thing

Kayaks ‘R’ Us

Citrine Skies

Morning Walk

Shoreline Rhythms

Everybody Loves Elsinore

In Good Hands

Stalk Portfolio

The Greys of Bruce VII

Once In A Blue Moon

Mirage, Mist or Memory?

Ditch Bank Divas

Stalk Market

Rhythm and Reds

Sitting Pretty

Quarter Past


Weekend Recollections


Soybean Futures

Elsinore Energy

Spring Wind

Roadside Stop

Lazy Days

Rosseau Romp

White and One

A Gathering of the Clan

Texture, Taupe and Teal

It Takes Two to Tangle (Diptych)

Next Door But One

This Blue Looks Good on You

The Answer My Friend

Breaking News

Stand Sure

Marsh Mischief

Shoreline Bling

Summer Fare

Elsinore Encounter

Echoes of Elsinore

Autumn at Elsinore

Golden Girls

Evening Glow

Going the Distance

Winter Retreat

Take Your Pick

Grape Expectations

Reach for the Stars

Winter Warm Up

Mystery Series

Sapphires and Lilacs

Five O'Clock Shadow

Cruisin' the Creek

Weekend Reflection

Mist Calls

Gold Acres

Country Heir

Red Rover

Surround Sound

Winning Gold

Caramel Lace

The Turquoise Touch

In the Lime Light

Polka Dot Bikini

Marsh Madness

Rye and Oak

Greyed Gardens

Outside Chance

Dancin' in the Moonlight

Take a Bough

Ochre and Under

My Baby's Got Blue Eyes

Oh the Places You'll Go

Singing in the Rain

Golden Globes

Summer Celebration

Crystal Clear

Chantry Dot Calm


Elsinore does August

Fresh Greens

The Catch of the Season

Over and Umber

Dot Calm

Let 'er Roll

You've Been Mist

A Few Ruffled Feathers

Emeralds at Elsinore

Marsh Mist

Seas the Day

Chantry Charmer

Mid Summer Memory

On Golden Swamp

Check Please

Eastern Shore

Elsinore's Dance with December (Triptych)

Marsh Break

On the Sunny Side of the Street

Bustin' Loose

One is Silver the Other Gold

Summer Marshes On (Diptych)


Wetland Whispers

Roots and Wings (Panel 2)

Roots and Wings (Panel 1)

Rock Paper Scissors

Rondeau Reeds

Stalk Exchange

If Monet Had a Mac v8.0

Autumn Hydrangea

Aura of Autumn

If Monet Had A Mac V6.0

What Will of Us?

The Years Keep Rolling By

And They're Off V2.0

Summertime Blues


And They're Off

Rich and Rosey


Turquoise on Huron

Leaves On Line

Cruickston's Point of View

Six Degrees of Inspiration

On Line

Autumn Leaves

David Bierk Does the Farm Show

Yes Virginia, There is a Homer Watson

Southampton Summers

Circle In The Square

Windows '98

My Sons' Flower

The Back and Beyond

Emporium Images

O'Keeffe Meets I.B.M.

Frosted Flakes/v.3.0

King Strut

Fair Necessity/v.2.0

Square Roots

Winter Warmth

Greyed Gardens 02

The Greys of Bruce VI

The Greys of Bruce V

The Greys of Bruce III

The Greys of Bruce

Over the Top

You've Been Mist

Ripples and Reeds

Rush Hour at Elsinore

Marsh Multiples (Triptych)

Elsinore with Attitude

Summer Marshes On (Diptych)

Alone, Never Lonely

Lakeside Harvest

Waterloo County Farmscape

Well Red

Big, Little Skies

Through Thick and Thin

Vanishing Point (Triptych)

It's Not the Destination But the Journey

Making a Scene

Purple Reign

Elsinore Evening

Marsh Magic

Early Spring Alder Creek

A Sixties Kinda Gal

A Spring in Your Step