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The Zorn Palette

$135.60 (includes hst)

By limiting yourself to the 4 colours of the Zorn Palette, you’ll discover the potential of the limited palette.
The morning gives you an opportunity to mix colour and record your results in your sketchbook. After the landscape demonstration, you will create a thumbnail sketch to block in your shapes and values, using your own photo resource. After lunch, we have time to paint and finish off the day with a group critique, enabling you to continue working in your own studio.
     Canvas -  gallery or regular style, size suggestions: 20x20” 18x18” or 16x12” or 16x18” , no larger - textured or not.
    Acrylic tube or heavy body paint  -  (not fluid)
 - titanium white, mars black, yellow ochre and cadmium red light - this is a very  specific list!
- Limit of 6 participants, Table easels provided as well as coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
- bring indoor shoes or slippers, a bag for your garbage, a roll of paper towels, your brushes, a pad of paper palette sheets, a sketchbook and pencil  and your lunch!
- landscape photo sources must be printed - not on your ipad or phone.
SESSION: March 12, 2023
Sun Mar 12
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Please Note: There are no art materials provided. Bring your own art supplies.

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