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An Introduction To Acrylic Landscape Painting – Part 1

$271.20 ( includes HST)

Class Time: 1:00 pm3:30 pm

We start by creating a colour wheel and mixing greys, giving us a chance to see what our primary colours will do – generally getting to know your paint.

The next 2 afternoons give us a chance to create 2 simplified landscapes – one with the emphases on the sky and the next focuses on mixing greens for the land. Day 4 we try our hand at a waterscape.

Acrylics Kit

Acrylics Kit is available for purchase from the instructor for an additional $150 plus HST
Kit includes the following:

  • 4 , 120 ml tubes of acrylic paint, the primary colours plus white
  • 3 regular style canvases, sizes: 12×12”, 12×16”, 16×20”
  • 2 long handled, soft bristle brushes, size 10 flat and size 6 round
  • pad of 40 sheets palette paper
  • plastic palette knife
  • HB pencil
Materials List

Please bring the items listed above in the kit, plus a sketchbook, pencil, paper towels and an apron .

SESSION: Winter 2024
1:00 pm3:30 pm
Wed Jan 10
Wed Jan 17
Wed Jan 24
Wed Jan 31
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Please Note: There are no art materials provided. Bring your own art supplies.

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